Some artists’ work is so ubiquitous it’s almost immediately part of the background, never really appreciated on its own. I suspect that’s the case with Buddy Holly’s music for most of you. We all know the songs as soon as we hear them, though I bet we couldn’t name more than one or two. Like Oh Boy:

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Fun, kinda mindless, part of the background to so many things, right? Then I found this album of incredible covers – Rave On Buddy Holly. And it has me listening to so much of his work with a completely new ear and appreciation. Here’s She & Him taking on the same:

Oh Boy (She & Him) by concordmusicgroup

Buddy Holly’s original Crying Waiting Hoping:

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And Karen Elson’s cover:

Crying Waiting Hoping (Karen Elson) by concordmusicgroup

Go click around the album. It’s incredible (and coming out next week – I’ll be buying it).