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How Much to Kill a Cyclist? $30 in Goochland County.

Don’t even know what to say about this:

A Hanover County judge convicted a Manakin-Sabot resident Wednesday of failing to yield in a bicycle-pickup truck collision that killed well-known competitive cyclist Michael J. Fawell.

Fawell, 38, struck the passenger side of a pickup truck driven by Gerald Lee Anderson, 70, of the 600 block of Nelwood Road in Goochland County, and died from massive head trauma at VCU Medical Center in Richmond on Aug. 29, four days after the crash.

General District Judge Peter L. Trible said adverse weather, including driving rain, lightning and near darkness, did not absolve Anderson of his duty to yield to Fawell as Anderson turned left into Rockville Center on Pouncey Tract Road, apparently crossing in front of Fawell.

The judge fined Anderson $30. No prosecutor was present for the case.

More details about the incident and victim at the link.  Credit to Bill McKelway for writing it up fairly.


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  1. Dan

    What’s the price for killing a negligent driver? I’d be willing to donate.

  2. Man

    I got a 75 dollar ticket once for turning left on a stale yellow light (that turned red while I was turning) when there was nobody around except for a police officer. Nobody was even remotely hurt or in danger.

    How does this judge’s decision make any sense? All I can think of is that they convinced the judge that conditions were so bad that the driver couldn’t see Fawell.

    How much would the ticket be if it were a sunny day? This whole incident makes me sick. Thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and little kids.

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