Politics, open government, and safe streets. And the constant incursion of cycling.

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam & Lake Mead, from Arizona side


ROC-a-Bye, Baby


North River Gorge Trail


  1. tim

    I’ve been there in Fallout: New Vegas!

  2. Great photo. I’ve always regretted not getting there to see it on my two brief trips to Las Vegas.

  3. MB

    How many times did you die on your way there, Tim?


    James, the best part of a Vegas trip is the fact that it puts you just a couple of hours away from Zion National Park. Build that into any future trip.

  4. Will try to. Unfortunately, both times I was there, it was on business. However, on the last one, drove from Vegas to Bakersfield and back. A magnificent drive through the high desert.

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