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The Neverending Fake Victimhood of Gun Advocates

The lengths to which politicians like Rep. Mica (R-Fl.) will go to mine for votes amongst the perpetually under-imaginary-siege gun enthusiasts is astonishing.  Or at least it was in the first few years it happened.

Look – the national gun control lobby has been effectively dead for more than a decade now.  But that doesn’t stop fundamentally dishonest organizations like the NRA from attempting to undermine our ongoing civic conversation in the service of their own membership-building activities.

It’s time to call bullshit on these liars.  In exactly those terms.

And as I note almost every time I write about the NRA’s fear-mongering: I’ve owned a gun all of my adult life, and my first encounter with the NRA was with a hunter safety class I took when I was 12 years old.  I don’t hate guns.  I hate what dishonest liars like the NRA and John Mica are using guns to do.




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  1. Ha! Multiple whistle blowers in the ATF and now at DOJ, and your line is that Fast & Furious is an invention of the NRA. Oh the depths some will go to protect their precious Obama.

    Obama likely didn’t have anything to do with Fast & Furious. But Holder certainly did. But hey, what’s a few dead Mexicans! After all, they are just Mexicans. Right?

  2. MB

    Obama Obama Obama!

    Thanks, Jan. Please try again.

  3. Interesting that you think you are so smart yet all your debate comes down to high school level taunts usually within the first volley. Do you not have confidence in your argument?

    And good try with the “I’m a gun owner but…” line. You and Chuck Schumer both. Even Feinstein carried a gun. Good on you for taking a hunter’s education class, but the Second Amendment is about hunting nor is the NRA a hunter’s organization.

  4. MB

    Err, what’s the argument? I didn’t call Fast & Furious an NRA invention. And the idea that this has anything to do with Mica’s, the NRA’s, or your concern for dead people is fantasy, not argument.

  5. I did this thing people do on the Internet: I followed the links you provided. So your position now is that this post where you mention Mica and the NRA and link to articles about them isn’t about Mica or the NRA?

  6. MB

    But you skipped the part where you read and comprehend, Andy. Indeed, my post is about something that Mica and the NRA are doing. If you’d like to know what, I suggest reading the post!

  7. “But you skipped the part where you read and comprehend, Andy.”

    You are making an assumption. The problem very well might be that you skipped the part where you write coherently and with purpose.

    Anyway, I’m done trading barbs with you on this, and will go back to simply looking at the pretty pictures as it is apparent that constructive discourse is impossible here. Any slight disagreement with you always spirals into juvenile word play.

  8. MB

    Andy, I’m perfectly happy to have a conversation. But how in the world am I supposed to have one that starts off with your intentional misrepresentation of what I’d just said?

    The funny thing here is that I think that Fast & Furious was/is a shameful act, and you’ll hardly see me give any benefit of the doubt to this admin when it comes to transparency. But you just piled on the ridiculous from the get go. That doesn’t interest me at all.

    And if what I write isn’t coherent or interest? There’s a whole internet out there. Check out the cat pictures.


    The pictures are kinda pretty, aren’t they? I could have sat and stared out of the window I took today’s from, for a very long time. Hong Kong’s an amazing place. Wish I could find a way to travel there on a regular basis.

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