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Lahore, Pakistan

From Cooco’s Den, in Lahore, Pakistan.

2012 Crystal Ride Photos

Army of One crosses the start on a penny farthing at the 2012 Crystal Ride.

So it turns out there was no official photographer for the 2012 Air Force Cycling Classic Crystal Ride this year. I wasn’t out shooting it, but I did end up with hundreds of photos as I was out there looking at locations for shooting the pro races later in the day. So, in case you know anyone who was looking for photos, here’s more than a few. Simple copies from the site?  Free.  Something that requires more work from me?  Not free (but not expensive).

(I got a great interview with the fellow pictured above.  It’ll run as one on my Clarendon Cycles columns, soon.)

St. George, Bermuda

On approach to BDA, St. George, Bermuda

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Looks like Sim City, no?  Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Jaco, Costa Rica

Grand Cayman

Paragliding above Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Continuing Legal Education

Shocker. I sometimes wonder what I could have done with all that time I spent in law school trying to square Scalia’s “principles” with his outcomes, had I just realized that his outcomes were his only principles.  To wit:

Now, within days of the historic ruling, Scalia is releasing a new book in which he finds fault with a Roosevelt-era Supreme Court decision that forms a critical part of the legal undergirding for the health care reform law. For Scalia, that’s a dramatic turnaround, because he has previously embraced the premise of that decision in an opinion he authored in 2005 that supporters of the Affordable Care Act have frequently cited.

In Scalia’s new book, a 500-page disquisition on statutory construction being published this week, he says the landmark 1942 ruling Wickard v. Filburn — which has served as the lynchpin of the federal government’s broad authority to regulate interstate economic activities under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause — was wrongly decided.

You know how people sometimes describe the embarrassment of losing their religion?  I sometimes feel the same way about the faith I used to have in the US Supreme Court.


The Neverending Fake Victimhood of Gun Advocates

The lengths to which politicians like Rep. Mica (R-Fl.) will go to mine for votes amongst the perpetually under-imaginary-siege gun enthusiasts is astonishing.  Or at least it was in the first few years it happened.

Look – the national gun control lobby has been effectively dead for more than a decade now.  But that doesn’t stop fundamentally dishonest organizations like the NRA from attempting to undermine our ongoing civic conversation in the service of their own membership-building activities.

It’s time to call bullshit on these liars.  In exactly those terms.

And as I note almost every time I write about the NRA’s fear-mongering: I’ve owned a gun all of my adult life, and my first encounter with the NRA was with a hunter safety class I took when I was 12 years old.  I don’t hate guns.  I hate what dishonest liars like the NRA and John Mica are using guns to do.


St. Paul's, London

Seville, Spain

Torre del Oro in Sevilla, España.

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