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Bike DC this Saturday, October 17th

Bike DC, after a successful test-run last year, is back for sure.  On Saturday, October 17th, thousands of bicyclists will participate in Bike DC.  This year, it expands across the Potomac to be the “Washington and Arlington Community Bike Ride.”   For those who are unfamiliar with it, this is a noncompetitive ride offering miles of car-free biking through the heart of DC and Arlington.  It also gives participants the opportunity to enjoy cycling on the George Washington Parkway, which is normally closed to bikes (this is the part I’m particularly looking forward to, as will anyone who’s ever driven the parkway).  I hope you’ll consider coming out and enjoying the day.  Details are:

Time & Start:

There are two route options.  The 25-mile Capital Ride begins at 8 a.m.  The 12-mile Family Ride begins at 9 a.m. Both rides begin on Constitution Street NW in front of the National Archives Building and end across the Potomac River in Crystal City, Virginia.


To make the event especially family-friendly, Bike DC is free of charge for children 15-years old and younger. Registration and helmets are required.  The adult registration fee is $35 for the Capital Ride and $25 for the Family Ride.  Registration fees are $10 higher on the day of the event.  Details and registration are available online at www.BikeDC.net until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, October 16th.

Route Differences:

Both the Capital and Family rides pass by the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court, the White House, the Washington Monument, the Pentagon, and the Marine Corps and Air Force memorials. The longer Capital Ride also features a climb up Embassy Row to the U. S. Naval Observatory and the Twin Oaks estate in NW Washington, plus a rare opportunity to bike the tree-lined George Washington Parkway in Arlington and the Whitehurst Freeway in Washington.

While I’m definitely going to get a lap or two in on the GW section, I’ll be spending most of the ride as a volunteer near at the Iwo Jima rest stop.  Say hi.

Update: this is a map of the longer route:

Want to Help Arlington’s Bike Transportation Policy Efforts?

Then please consider donating a couple hours of your time.  Arlington County volunteers collect bicycle and pedestrian count information several times a year, and there are still a number of unfilled positions for next week’s seasonal bicycle and pedestrian counts. From David Patton, Arlington County Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner:

We could really use more help to have full coverage at the 20+ locations where we count. The September seasonal count is the most important one of the year, and the one with the greatest number of communities participating. (Here in Arlington we have counted four times in the past year – other places only once.)

To check the sign-up sheet, and for lots more information, please visit the website: http://drop.io/september09bikepedcount

Much of what is there is pretty self-explanatory. Please feel free to write to me at this email with any questions. I’ll be checking it periodically over the holiday weekend.

With thanks, and best wishes for an enjoyable end of summer …

David Patton

I’ve done this before, and I’ll be out there next Thursday, at a minimum.  Very easy, and very helpful.  For more about the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project, in which Arlington County participates, visit: http://bikepeddocumentation.org

U.S. Air Force Cycling Classic Photos

Large format gallery now up here.  Always appreciate feedback on my cycling photography.

Bike Show to Benefit Arlington’s Phoenix Bikes

As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m a fan of Arlington’s Phoenix Bikes.   It’s a full service bike shop staffed in large part by students drawn from its surrounding neighborhood.  The kids learn a wide range of skills in the process of earning their own bike, and Arlington gets both a good shop and happier students.  Wins all around.  With that in mind, I hope you’ll join me next Thursday at the second annual Bike Show:

The BIKE SHOW is Phoenix Bikes’ yearly Birthday Bash & Spring Fundraising event. Our first year’s celebration was a great success. For 2009, the BIKE SHOW is back and better than ever with a focus on showcasing DC Metro’s Extraordinary Cyclists!

  • food, drink, and bike-blended smoothies,
  • guest speakers featuring Eric Gilliland (WABA) and Keith Oberg (Bikes for the World),
  • great auction items,
  • two incredible raffle bikes:
    • A new custom-fit Tipo Uno from Torelli and the Bike Rack; and
    • A Novara Scot Nicol-designed, high quality steel touring frame with drop bars & bar-end shifters, 26″ wheels, custom painted by Pohanka Collision and outfitted for year-round commuting,
  • and the amazing company of friends and fellow cyclists.

And you won’t have any excuses since this year’s location is convenient to the Bike Path (indoor bike valet!), the Rosslyn Metro, and free parking at the Spectrum Theater. Be careful on the way home though – thanks to Capitol City Brewing, the beer will be an improvement this year too. A night you don’t want to miss!

Tickets, which include one raffle entry, are $20 in advance, $30 at the door, and can be purchased here.   Drop me a note, too, if you end up going.

My Bike Stolen in Arlington – $200 Reward

Son of a )(*#$@#@.  This bike was stolen from the Arlington Central Library on the evening of March 31st. I’d really like it back, and I will pay $200 (no questions asked) for information that results in its recovery.

'00 GT Rebound - Blue and White

Bike Details:

• ’00 GT Rebound – blue/white
• Continental Town & Country slick tires (different from those pictured)
• Neon green water bottle cage (extra style points, no?)
• Arlington County Police Department bicycle registration sticker

Please email me at bike @ blacknell.net with any information. Thank you.

(And yes, here’s the part that really sucks – no, it wasn’t locked up.  M. had just arrived on it, came into the WABA annual meeting to get the keys from me (to use the lock securing my other bike) and in about the time that that took?  Gone.   So, uh, make my lesson yours.  Or something like that.)

Update: I seriously appreciate the support that’s come my way for this.  This bike has been well loved not just by us, but also many of my friends – as a borrowed daily commuter, adventure race finisher, and all around solid piece of fun and transportation.  Here’s hope that it can continue to serve as that, even if it doesn’t come back.

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