After a multi-year hiatus, Bike DC is back.    A previously annual ride in the tradition of Bike New York, Bike DC got to be too much trouble, as every city authority, Federal agency and ANC council wanted WABA (the organizer) to go through their own special permitting process (for “security”, natch.) Bike DC I’d hit a couple of Bike DC’s before the shut down, and quite enjoyed them (especially the one that put us on the George Washington Parkway for a few miles – *that* was fun.)

This year’s edition is a little less ambitious – at 17 miles – but adds in a couple extra DC bits of fun.  The first rest stop is on the grounds of Taiwan’s embassy (Twin Oaks, near the National Cathedral) and the far western turnaround point of the ride involves a loop around the former Grand Prix/current RFK Crit track.  The organizers are saying that it’ll be a “car-free” route, so I’m assuming rolling road closures.  Definitely family friendly

Bike DC is scheduled for Saturday, September 27, 2008.  More information, including registration ($35), route maps, and volunteering opportunities is here.