You’d have to read to the very end of the story to find out that Linda Schrenko was a Republican (nevermind that she was treated as a GOP star for a while), but I don’t imagine she’ll be attending party fundraisers anytime soon:

ATLANTA (AP) — A former Georgia state school superintendent accused of embezzling $600,0000 and spending it on a facelift and an unsuccessful campaign for governor pleaded guilty Wednesday and will serve eight years in prison.

Linda Schrenko, 56, struck a plea bargain in the middle of her trial. The trial continued for two alleged accomplices.

Prosecutors said Schrenko stole federal education money to underwrite her 2002 campaign for governor, cosmetic surgery and other extras, including a television, computer and a down payment on a car.

Having spent a lot of time in Georgia schools during Schrenko’s tenure, I can assure you that this wasn’t an extra $600k she pilfered from the landscaping budget.