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DC Voting Rights

Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) and Pretend Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D- Doesn’t Have a Vote) introduced a bill to the U.S. House this morning that would apportion two new House seats – one to DC, and one to Utah.  Now, as appalling as it is that even something as fundamental as the right to vote has to fall victim to partisan concerns about party control of the House, I’d gladly give Utah two seats to secure the fundamental right of District citizens to have the same representation as every other American citizen.   You do realize that citizens of DC don’t have a Representative in the House, right?  Or a Senator?  The closest thing they have to effective representation is Virginia’s Tom Davis, and he’s not even a little accountable to them (Holmes Norton doesn’t have anyone’s ear, nevermind the vote).


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  1. The Stars are Aligning for the DC Voting Rights movement.

    Tomorrow, DC Vote, along with our coalition partners and volunteers, will take to the Hill to educate members of Congress to support the DC Voting Rights Act sponsored by Tom Davis (R-VA) and Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC).

    I urge you to participate in the movement that could put DC residents one step closer to full representation in Congress.

    DC Vote is sponsoring the event CONGRESS DAY, Tuesday, December 5, 2006. We are meeting at 100 Maryland Avenue, NE at the United Methodist Building to gather for announcements and instructions on lobbying Congress. Continental Breakfast will be served.

    From 8:30 am until 1:30 pm, we are asking our volunteers and supporters to meet with members of Congress and their staff in the congressional office buildings. Team leaders are assigned and they will direct and manage groups of people throughout the morning. Talking points and palm cards will be distributed.

    If you have the time tomorrow to help put an end to taxation without representation in the Nation’s Capital, come and join DC Vote as we work to get a voting congressional member for Washington, DC.

    Thank you.

    Antonette Russell
    DC Vote
    Operations Manager
    1500 U Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20009
    202.462.6000 x15
    202.462.7001 fax

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