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Salon’s Person of the Year: S.R. Sidarth

Not quite sure if it merits Man of the Year, but Salon makes a solid case for Virginia’s own:

It must be said that the young man, Shekar Ramanuja Sidarth, is not much of a cameraman. In the macaca footage, his hand shakes, though he manages to hold Allen in the frame as the senator points him out, an Indian-American in a crowd of whites. But in the weeks that follow, Sidarth does not shy from the spotlight that surrounds him. He undergoes a transformation of sorts, appearing on CNN and the network news, giving long interviews to the pen-and-paper press. He becomes a symbol of politics in the 21st century, a brave new world in which any video clip can be broadcast instantly everywhere and any 20-year-old with a camera can change the world. He builds a legacy out of happenstance.

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Going down


So what is it?

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  1. Often the “uncomfortable” experience brings great rewards.

    Kudos for Siddartth

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