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So what is it?

Today’s NY Times fronts a story about a “clamp down” on detainees at Guantánamo:

The commander of the Guantánamo task force, Rear Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., said the tougher approach also reflected the changing nature of the prison population, and his conviction that all of those now held here are dangerous men. “They’re all terrorists; they’re all enemy combatants,” Admiral Harris said in an interview.

Hmm. I’ve heard that before . . . something about “worst of the worst“, yes? But surely that lesson has been learned and it’s really true, this time. Or, well, maybe not:

Shortly after Admiral Harris’s remarks, another 15 detainees were sent home to Saudi Arabia, where they were promptly returned to their families.


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  1. Well if they’re all terrorists and enemy combatants, why can’t we have some trials so we can find out for real what bad people they are and sentence them accordingly?

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