I have this little text file on my desktop that fills up with things I want to write about or pass along. I’ve come to realize that it’s where ideas go into permanent stasis. So, in the spirit of moving right along, here are a few things from it:

Engines of the World, Unite! BUYO does an excellent job of tackling a grave and serious problem:

I hate Thomas. These stories, written from the 1940s by an apparently rather crusty old vicar, seem to me to constantly harp on about how all the little engines should be obedient and “really useful” to the corpulent rich man who runs absolutely everything on the Island of Sodor. There are some really quite nasty punishments handed out to anybody who doesn’t conform (poor Bulstrode).

Anyway, I have to read these stories, so I decided to write my own Thomas story with a difference: “The Really Revolutionary Engine“.

You really should read the story. Via Racing Union.


Jakob Nielsen does an excellent job of explaining why what I’m doing right now is nearly worthless. Read and consider.


I know he’s so yesterday, but I nonetheless enjoyed this interview with cook/traveler/vegetarian-hater/author/hopefully-one-day-Rachel-Ray-slapper Anthony Bourdain.


And finally, one of my favorite authors points us to something good.

(One of the few reasons that I don’t make fun of the folks lining up for the Harry Potter book tonight is that I’ll be right there the moment I can put my hands on Spook Country.)