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What Would Vino Do?

That’s the thought that ran through my head as I was shelled off the back of the peloton and considering bailing on the Giro di Coppi this past Saturday. While the answer to the question is probably “He’d blow past the peloton and finish five minutes ahead of everyone else”, I had to settle for not quitting. But it worked.

Really, I think I need to gather a few folks and set up a run of WWVD? jerseys.

(For those who are wondering what in the hell I’m talking about.)

Update: Figures I’d hit the road and be unable to update when the news hit. So now I’ll just share this perfectly appropriate link: IBelieveVino.com. Go ahead, follow it.


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  1. See, this is how I know that I am really meaner than you are, because I am having much more fun watching Contador play his “Think you can keep up, old man?” game with Rasmussen. Vino just makes me feel bad.

  2. Or maybe not, with the WWVD? thing. If the answer is “dope.”

  3. MB on a MARTA train in ATL

    Oh, fuck ’em all.

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