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Behind the (Security Theater) Curtains: Schneier Interviews Hawley

One of the top thinkers in security – Bruce Schneier – interviews Kip Hawley, head of the Transportation Safety Administration. Kip Hawley, who is less than popular with thinking travelers, gives us special insight into TSA wisdom:

So what would the justification be for prohibiting lip gloss, nasal spray, etc? There was none, other than for our own convenience and the sake of a simple explanation.

Well, I sure am glad that the TSA wasn’t inconvenienced. Lord, can you imagine the stress of inconvenience, in an airport? It gets better. In response to Schneier asking Hawley why, if our liquids are so dangerous, they’re thrown into a giant barrel in the middle of the security area, Hawley tells us:

If the TSO throws your liquids in the trash, they don’t find you a threat.

Then if I’m not a threat, why did you just throw my )(*#@#@ Diet Coke away? I give Kip Hawley credit for submitting to an interview with Schneier, but he’s still an idiot.  Read the interview here.


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  1. Infuriating. And yet still less infuriating than when they try to pass things off with the usual ludicrous and obviously untrue justifications.

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