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Who Broke Blogger?

Someone must have kicked the cord out of the wall at the Googleplex, as I can’t access a single Blogger-hosted site. Or even the status page. Oops.

Update: Huh. Looks like a lot of people are asking the exact same question, by the looks of my stats page. Sorry, all, I can’t help. Google broke it, I guess. Go ask them. How? Just follow the yellow brick road . . .

Or stick around here while you’re waiting for the rest of the world to come back online.

Update II:  Looks like the wizard sobered up and has things running.  I know that Google is supposed to pay $$$ for everything, but here’s a free idea: they should really separate the hosting of Blogger and the Blogger Status pages.  I know some good hosts, if they need some leads.


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  1. Yeah. A day or two ago I noticed some trouble getting on. Now it seems dead. I guess this is what I get for not switching to wordpress over the summer like I said I would. But hey, when have I ever done anything I said I would with my blog?

  2. Joe

    it’s back up now…

  3. Gee, why was it again that I switched to WordPress…? Oh, right. Blogger’s incompetent management. I forgot.

  4. MB

    Heh. I was going to say something about the virtues of arranging for your own hosting, but I’m pretty sure that will call the wrath of the gods down upon my host . . .

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