The Washington Area Bicyclist Association is running it’s annual (well, it tries to be annual . . .) 50 States Ride this Saturday.  This ride will help me accomplish a goal I’ve had since I moved here 10 (!) years ago: it covers all 50 state streets in all 8 wards of the District.  According to WABA, it’s a 60+ mile ride.   Meet at the WABA offices (see below) at 7:30 am with the ride leaving at 8:00 am.

If that seems a bit much for you, but the idea sounds cool, consider WABA’s alternative offering:

[T]ry our shorter 15 mile 13 Original Colonies Tour. 13 Original Colonies Tour goes on each of the avenues named for one of the 13 original states.

Both rides will begin across the street from the WABA offices at 1753 Connecticut Avenue NW (the corner of S street and Connecticut Avenue NW).   I’ll be the guy in the Bibendum jersey on the Gary Fisher Sugar (which will look pretty silly with it’s Conti T&C’s, but it’s for a higher purpose, I keep telling myself . . .).