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Late night

Alexander Bar, Hotel Grande Bretagne
Athens, Greece


Situations like this are the only time that I wish I had a decent cameraphone. I go to hotel bars primarily to relax and have a drink. But so many of them present such fantastic picture opportunities that I hate to pass them up. And few things are more conspicuous and disruptive than breaking out a camera in a quiet bar, late at night. Ah well. One day.


WABA’s 50 States Ride this Saturday


Your money went *where*?


  1. Toby

    Did you pull any “strange?”

  2. MB

    Against my better judgment, I’m going to guess at what that means, and say no. Was strictly a martini and relax night.

  3. It’s hard to imagine a better camera would improve on that picture, though. The almost-monochrome graininess looks good.

  4. MB

    I wish my cameraphone could have taken this. No, this was my old Canon S50, which went unnoticed thanks to the woman just out of frame to the left. She was, umm, striking in appearance.

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