It struck me how easy it was to find photos and accounts in realtime during the coup in Thailand last year, compared to the dearth of information about what’s going on in Burma now.  Listening to NPR just now, a caller made a claim that some of the army had split – if true, that would be extraordinary.  Yet no one seems to have the first way to confirm it.  One of the very first things the world could do to help is get a crateload of satellite phones and portable data stations into the country.

  • The BBC is printing personal accounts here.  Read a few.
  • There’s a flickr stream from someone inside Rangoon here.
  • A Burmese blog reporting on the ground (mostly in Burmese, but good sections of account in English) here.
  • An aggregator of Burmese news here.  This is the source of the photo below.  (If it’s your photo, I’ll credit it or take it down, though I hope to be able to leave it up.)