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Arguing on the Internet is like . . .

well, I won’t finish that, because even I’m a little ashamed of how amusing I find the punchline.  But the punchline has everything to do with this:

Rep. Mark Udall (D-CO) will be introducing a resolution in the House of Representatives on Monday condemning Rush Limbaugh for his “phony soldiers” remark.

On one hand, I’m quite happy to see this – I am tired of Democrats (both elected and rank and file) with their milquetoast reluctance to forcefully condemn the asinine statements that come out of the GOP and its surrogates.   So it’s nice to see some of the GOP’s own medicine being flung back at them.

But that’s exactly what turns me around on the issue – this is a total GOP move.  Seriously, who gives a shit what Rush Limbaugh’s ignorant ass said?  Really, does anyone think that there’s a segment of the population out there that will say “Yeah, go Rush!” and then rethink that position once this resolution is passed?  No.  There are those people fundamentally stupid enough to sign on it, and no resolution is going to change that.  And the only other group of people paying attention to it are those who are fundamentally immoral enough to not really give a damn about the implication of the statement, and will stand by it no matter what.  So why sink down to the GOP’s level when it will do no good?


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  1. It’s okay to find the punchline funny. But to laugh at the picture is both a sure trip to hell and impossible not to do.

  2. MB

    Yep, straight to hell.


    Re: the post – This, I can get behind.

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