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The Nation’s Triathlon

Checked out the first running of “The Nation’s Triathlon” this weekend.  A chilly Potomac swim, a ride down Ohio Drive to Hains Point and back, and then a run around the western end of the Mall.   More pictures to come.


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Obama on Nuclear Weapons


  1. dawn Dixon

    I was in the nations triathlon and it was so great!! I am glad that DC let us swim in the Potomac river. I also wanted to thank everyone that volunteered. You did a great job and I hope to be there next year.

  2. Andi Duncan

    Great picture. I really enjoyed racing in this event. The weather couldn’t be any better. Thanks Chuck and all the other volunteers for putting on a great event!

  3. Brrr…that looks cold, but isn’t it great to swim close to a city like that? I’ve never swum in the potomac before.

  4. The Potomac river looks cold. Anyway, I was told that this race is quite challenging. I haven’t tried it yet but I have plans. Anybody who will give some details on their experience during the race would be very much appreciated. Thanks for posting this.

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