Zombies on the Orange Line

Ah, the joys of an Orange line commute.  And just wait until the Tyson’s extension is connected!

Seriously, isn’t that a great picture?  James Calder caught it  at the DC Zombie Lurch this past weekend.

Other bits that don’t fit anywhere in particular:

  • Flying While Brown: still not (yet) a crime, still not a hassle free activity.
  • My interest in the technical aspects of operating systems disappeared long ago, but I found this review of the new OS X version (Leopard) so well written that I didn’t even skim over the bits about the kernel.  Recommended if you’re considering upgrading (I think I’ll hold off for a while) or if you’d just like to see what a well written technical article for a popular audience looks like.
  • I wish I were a size small.