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Good Job, New Jersey

The New Jersey legislature has banned the death penalty, and it will soon be law.  I hope more states will follow New Jersey’s lead.


Huckabee: Keeping America Safe From . . . Americans.


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  1. Carla

    ‘Bout time. I’ve always been confounded that the most ardent supporters of the death penalty are also the ones most anti-government because they believe the government can’t do anything right. So they’ll advocate deregulation and a lot of crap about letting the free market roam without gummint interference, but they’re perfectly happy to let the same government decide who should live and who should die.

  2. MB

    Carla, that is *exactly* what I bring up whenever someone goes on about supporting the death penalty (I don’t argue the morality of it, because if you don’t already believe that killing is wrong . . .).

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