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Huckabee on SNL

That was brilliant.

It also touches on what I told friends about Huckabee last year – “He comes across *really* well, and you find yourself predisposed to whatever he’s saying. And then you realize what he’s saying.”

Ah well. Huckabee is, obviously, a complete religious nut. That said, I’d like more religious nuts like him, who realize that there’s more to that role than hating other people.

Update: Credit to Tina Fey for “Bitches get stuff done.”


Let Levi . . . market?


Overnight Music: North Sea


  1. sasha

    Bitch is the new black!

  2. Catzmaw

    Damn, I missed it! I must admit that Huckabee is certainly my favorite religious whackjob. He’s got terrific comic timing.

    Tina’s right: Bitches are badass.

  3. I missed it, too, but my kid does have a Hillary for President onesie I made her with the Chris Rock line: “What are you bitches waitingfor?”

    Unfortunately it is still too big and she won’t grow into it before Clinton’s campaign is over and done.

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