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Deadline Tonight: Credit Card Foreign Fee Settlement Claims

The deadline for electronic filing of your claim in the credit card foreign transaction fee settlement is tonight (May 30th).  More info about the settlement and your options here.  The official site is here.  I’m just posting this as a reminder to those of you that, like me, put this to the side with the intent to sort it out later.  Well, later is just about too late.  Have fun paging through your passports.

(No, I don’t know if you’re eligible, whether there are any extensions available, etc.  Please don’t ask, because I don’t know.  Really.)


Friday Notes: Feeling Like I’m Missing Something Edition


Wait. Bob *Dole*?


  1. BP

    Thanks for the reminder. You just increased my annual household income by $50 for 2008.

    The least I can do is provide you with a couple of promotional taglines you can use free of charge. How about:

    -Read Blacknell.net, It’s Good For The Economy!


    -It Pays (Literally) To Read Blacknell.net!

  2. MB

    Those will be coming soon to a Google Ad near you.

  3. I mistakenly thought it was the 31st and submitted my claim 2h late. My naive faith in common sense suggests that if it means I automatically get nothing, they wouldn’t let me submit them electronically late at all.

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