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Wait. Bob *Dole*?

So folks are atwitter about Bob Dole’s calling Scott McClellan a “miserable creature.” Well, sure he is. But that’s not surprising. Bob Dole’s a mean old bastard. What’s shocking, to me, is that 84 year old Bob Dole is using email. If he’s been online all this time, that makes me really reconsider some of the trolls I’ve dealt with over the years.


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  1. J. Tyler Ballance

    Bob Dole is not a mean or angry person as a general rule. That is what makes his condemnation so much more powerful.

    You may not recall the Clinton-Dole race, where Dole was so collegial the whole time, most Republicans weren’t sure Clinton had an opponent. After Bob Dole lost, he STILL was friendly with Bubba. Dole was quoted in the Press as saying that he and Clinton were on genuinely friendly terms.

    Bob Dole was always an effective and sometimes humorous voice for Republican issues. He set a fine example that we all should follow when given the chance to work across the political divide on common-ground issues.

    Bob Dole is a kind and good natured man who just happened to be a superb Senator. What he wrote to McClellan was no doubt from his heart and, as always, chocked full of Dole’s famous candor.

  2. MB

    That’s a special talent, Tyler. I’m sure you’ll be back here in 10 years telling me how George W. Bush was the most competent and well loved President we’ve ever had.

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