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MPD Stonewalling on Alice Swanson’s Death?

In the weeks since cyclist Alice Swanson was killed by a driver who came into her lane and crushed her, I’d been expecting to hear that the driver had been charged with – at least – reckless driving.  But I’d not seen anything about it, and had hoped that maybe it had just gone unreported.  Well, it seems that the MPD isn’t answering any questions about it.  From today’s Washington Post live chat with Eric Gilliand, executive director of the Washington Area Bicycle Association:

Eric Gilliland: We are watching the Alice Swanson case very closely, but in spite of our repeated efforts to get more information about the case calls to the Major Crash unit have not been returned. We are in the process of setting up a meeting with MPD to discuss this, but have nothing solid yet. We have been pretty disappointed with the reaction to the tragedy by the city as a whole.

If you live in the District, please call the Mayor and your council member, and ask them why the MPD doesn’t seem to be taking the death of one of its residents very seriously.


Public service? Hah. It’s *W* Service!


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  1. anthony

    Let’s keep the pressure on MPD and insist that the driver of the truck that killed Alice Swanson be brought to justice.

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