Well, I can’t say that any of the three names being splashed about this morning – Biden, Bayh, and Kaine – are particularly inspiring.   Joe Biden, in addition to possessing the auto-disqualification of never knowing when to shut up, can be counted on to introduce or support one bad policy position after another.  No thanks.  Evan Bayh . . . well, if I wanted a warmonger in the VP slot, I’d probably want one at the head of the ticket.   Which then brings us to Tim Kaine.  I can’t say that I’ve been particularly enthused by Kaine (I think he’s been a generally competent, though not really a standout, governor).  But neither does he elicit a visceral pushback in me the way Biden or Bayh do.

In any event, I’ll be happy to find out that this was just more of the usual campaign misdirection/press overeagerness, and that it hasn’t really been narrowed down to these guys.