DCCX – DC’s only organized cyclocross event – returns tomorrow (Sunday) to last year’s excellent venue at the Old U.S. Soliders and Airmen’s Home.  It was a great time last year (report here) and this year promises to be even better – higher payouts, Belgian sponsorship of the kids’ race, and free frites for all!   Yes, that’s free frites – also know as Scud’s Famous Fries, the quality of which I will personally vouch for (I’ve enjoyed his fine work for years).  And if, for some unfathomable reason, beer (yes, beer) and frites on Sunday morning aren’t your thing, the DC Dutch Club will be making “poffertjes“ on venue.  The weather is expected to be sunny (if a bit windy).  Bring some chairs, something to keep you warm, and a healthy sense of appreciation for the voluntary suffering of others.  The first races start at 9am, and the last starts at 2:30pm (finishing around 3:30pm).

More info from the race organizer here, a bit of coverage in the Washington Post (!?) here, and the schedule and registration list here.   What better way to spend a Sunday morning?*

* Well, there is *one* better way, and that’s riding your bike instead of watching someone else ride his.  I’ll be down in Shenandoah doing that.  But believe me, while I’m climbing Hankey Mountain, you can be sure I’ll be wishing I’d chosen beer and frites.