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Aww, Blue Commonwealth Quits

Blue Commonwealth collapsed under a pile of childishness, self-obsession, and pointlessness today, and it appears to be done for.  If you’re a reader looking for an alternative, I suggest checking out the New Dominion Project.  I’m a fan of the primary authors, and while there are still some rough edges in the site itself, I think that place has a good future.  If you’re a regular BC front-pager?  Please don’t go over to NDP.  Just sit and think about what a ridiculous mess you made, and go do penance by doing something useful, for once.   Like volunteering.  Offline.  For a while.   Through June, at least.

[Update: While I’m recommending places, I might as well toss in a link to the Angry Potato.   Funny and foul, but most of all – smart.  Not a combination I’ve seen anywhere else in VA online Dem politics (well, Blueweeds gets the funny and smart nod, but it gets totally outclassed in the foul dept.)]


Virginia Aims at Better ‘Burbs?


The US Financial Industry


  1. Un f*ing believable. A bad concept, poorly executed, which ends with yet another classless swipe at progressives and the DPVA. See ya.

  2. The Angry Patato. And how long were you going to keep that treasure a secret?

  3. MB

    Only found it myself through Vivian, recently. For someone so knowledgeable about blogwhoring, the author doesn’t seem to be engaging in much of his own. In any event, good stuff. Ideally, he could shame the asshattery out of existence, but, well, we know how likely *that* is . . .

  4. ahem … “Potato.”

    Look at me and my Dan Quayle impersonation.

    Stupid public education.

  5. Silence Dogood

    Uh oh. They’re threatening to revive it again.

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