I’ve often said that Washington-area radio is an abysmal affair, and that Atlanta – Atlanta! – has a far more vibrant and interesting broadcasting scene.   While that’s quite true, American University’s WAMU is the one bright spot.  I credit WAMU with bringing me into the bluegrass fold, keeping me informed on local matters with Kojo Nnamdi, and sustaining the rarity of intelligent national talk radio via the Diane Rehm Show.  And there’s one more thing, that I really really love – the Big Broadcast on Sunday nights.  Specifically, the Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar part of the show.

Yep, the man with the action-packed expense account still makes me stop and listen, even though the shows are now 50+ years old.  I don’t usually plan to listen to these episodes (say, the way I intentionally flip on the Kojo Nnamdi show at noon on Fridays), but I often end up hearing the beginning while I’m doing the things you do on Sunday night.  And almost every time, I’ll stop whatever I’m doing, take a seat, maybe turn off the lights, and listen to the rest of the show.

Thanks for that, WAMU.

(And all of you who don’t live in DC?  Can still listen to everything I’ve mentioned via WAMU.org)