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Admiral Mullen and DADT

I’ll say it again. It’s not the military that stands between now and a repeal of DADT. It’s Congress and bigotry. The military? They’ll sort it out just fine.


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  1. There is no significant support for the repeal of DADT among the citizens, among the military rank and file, nor among our Congress.

    Homosexuals are only 1-3% of our population, so having them openly serve would make NO improvement in our readiness, provided those who volunteered were suitable for service.

    This is not a matter of bigotry, it is simply a reflection of the reality that most people do not see a compelling reason to repeal the existing policy.

    While there may be a time to reconsider DADT, this is not it.

    We don’t need a new protected minority class and new promotion quotas, like we now have for Latinos, Negroes and women. Repeal of DADT would immediately lead to another group of set-asides for selection and promotion for lesbians and gays.

    Most citizens do not support the current set-asides for the other pet minorities, and if the People knew the quota game played by our military with promotions, they would call for the firing of the JCS and most of the Pentagon leadership. Most citizens foolishly believe that our promotions are based on MERIT, but they are all subject to quotas for the pet minority groups who are currently favored by our Pentagon leaders.

    No, we needn’t tinker with DADT. We need to focus on extracting ourselves from two, un-declared wars, before the Pentagon is allowed to consider, yet another, pet minority group to bestow special favors upon.

  2. I guess I must be insignificant…

    along with 65% of the rest of the population of the United States. For that is how many of us want people to be able to serve regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, of financial class.

    It does not matter if only 1-3% of the population is gay, they (like Egyptian-Americans, who surely make up an even smaller portion of Americans) should be able to serve.

    I also contest that 1-3% figure. In fact, I contest the entire label. I think we are ALL OMNI-sexual; but that a majority of us (including me) lack the imagination to get over our petty cultural and societal stereotypes.

    J. Tyler Ballance, I normally respect your opinion a lot, even when we disagree. However, I feel I must call out a red herring and bull feathers when I see them.

    Your point that we have bigger things to focus on is not only valid, it’s very important! Please make a better argument than calling the majority of us insignificant and grossly mis-representing the percentage of the population that is gay.

    DADT was a stupid compromise forced on Clinton who was fighting for equality. As commander in chief he should have been obeyed, but culturally we were not ready for it and the whack-jobs used that to hoist him on his own petards. It does need to be repealed in favor of full equality.

    However, you are correct; we have to extract ourselves from two wars – that is more important…

    Special favors my ass, you should be momentarily ashamed. You can make a better argument, and I wonder if this is even you.

  3. Warren

    Adm. Mullen sounds like a political appointee. Oh, wait, he IS a political appointee.

  4. Joy

    MB, I usually like that you don’t censor comments here, but “negroes” and “pet minorities”? WTF?

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