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Virginia, Turning Resolutely Backwards

Looks like Virginia is now suing the EPA, challenging the finding that greenhouse gases “threaten the public health and welfare of the American people.” Ken Cucchinelli, the Republican Attorney General leading the effort, likes to talk about the importance of property rights and responsibility. But that’s just for other people. Ask his supporters – the agricultural conglomerates, the mining operations – to take some responsibility for their impact on others? Goodness, no. They’ve been making too much money externalizing their costs – why should they be asked to dial that back now?

This action is just one of many challenges to progress that we’re going to see from Virginia, which will be demonstrating just how backward it can be.


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  1. tx2vadem

    Is he suing the EPA? I thought according to Sovereign Immunity, you had to have the permission of the federal government in order to sue them.

  2. MB

    Not having looked at the actual filing, my guess is that it’s a petition for review under the Administrative Procedure Act. Used all the time (just usually not as transparently political tools like this).

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