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Taiwan Cycling Festival: Ride from Guanshan to Chihshang

I’m going to try to share all of my GPS tracks while I’m here, with basic descriptions. Then, as time permits, I’ll head back and expand the descriptions for each, with the idea that they may be useful to someone travelling here in the future.

Today was our first ride: a very easy, flat, but beautiful loop along the Guanshan Round-the-Town Bike Path, then tick-tacking through the rice fields as a shortcut to our accomodations at the Papago Resort Hotel. As a result of an unplanned trip into the water yesterday, I did this ride without a camera, so this short tourism video will have to suffice to give you an idea of the scenery. It’s not long enough to be a destination in and of itself for a touring cyclist, but it’s absolutely worth a stopover or diversion.


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  1. Robert Kelly

    Almost on the other side of the highway (9) from the hot spring is the route up to Luye, a stunning tea and pineapple growing plateau. The ride on a quiet weekday is perfect, just you rolling past the fields and old communities from the Japanese days. At the top is a massive launch site for parasailing. Great views over the rift valley. Well worth doing since you are right there.

  2. Drew

    Wait, you went into the water? Please explain.

  3. MB

    What does it matter, Drew? Everything’s a fuckin’ travesty with you, man!


    But seriously, uh . . . yeah. We went rafting (of a sort), and I decided to disembark from our raft and claim a rock. The rock disclaimed me, and put me in the river (well over my head). With my new phone (and primary ride camera) in my pocket. I understand there may be pictures.

  4. MB

    Robert – we went up there, and saw everything you mention. Really quite nice. Unfortunately the wind was unfavorable for parasailing.

  5. Drew

    I pray to the gods there are pictures.

  6. Robert Kelly

    Ugh, caught in a typhoon during a bike trip. Must be pouring on you guys down east. What a shame. Hope the hot springs are good.

  7. MB

    Rode through all of it :) words and photos to come.

  8. Robert Kelly

    Cool. Looking forward to it. Hope you saw something. One of the great things about riding the rift valley is that you have high forested mountains on either side. Completely different ranges too (the ones closer to the coast are volcanic arcs). You’re also, if you didn’t know, right on the seam of the junction of the Philippine and Eurasian plates. Very active place tectonically speaking.

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