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Rep. Moran is Dead Wrong on the TSA’s New Searches

Next time you see Rep. Moran, let him know what you think of his position on the TSA’s new nude-photo-or-get-your-genitals-groped policies:

Northern Virginia Rep. Jim Moran (D) dismissed the recent wave of privacy concerns generated by controversial Transportation Security Administration screening practices, saying: “I could care less whether somebody feels me up.”

[ . . . ]

“You know, it there’s intrusiveness, if it makes you shy or embarrassed or whatever, I’m sorry,” Moran continued. “You just go with the flow. That’s life in the 21st century. I don’t have much sympathy for the privacy advocates on that.”

No, Rep. Moran, you don’t just go with the flow.  In fact, let me remind you what you are expected do:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.”

Try it in this instance.  Your constituents will appreciate your efforts.


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  1. Locally, San Mateo and Santa Clara County prosecutors say they’ll investigate TSA screeners accused of excessive groping and charge them with sexual assault if warranted. It’s probably political grandstanding on their part, but they’re making the right noises.

  2. MB

    Since the groping is mostly political in the first place, I don’t mind a bit of grandstanding.

  3. Mr. Moran made an off-hand remark that, unfortunately for him, reveals that he will not do anything to defend our liberty.

    Perhaps the voters will remember this and elect someone else, next time.

    The citizens need to keep an eye on Mr. Moran for the remainder of his term in office, and sound the alarm whenever he acts against the liberties of the citizens.

    This TSA nonsense seems to have the ring of just a pretext, so that the People will be lulled into accepting a national ID card or other form of “identity papers.”

    Here in America, we must never allow ourselves to be stopped and have some official be able to demand our, “papers” no matter what the supposed islamo-terrorist cells do next.

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